At The Littlehampton Academy we believe that:

“Every Day Counts. Every Lesson Counts”

We can only teach your child when they are in school. There is a direct link between your child’s attendance, their achievement in school and subsequently their life chances beyond. We take our responsibility to prepare the students at the Academy for success in later life seriously. We are committed to working in partnership with our parent body to ensure all students achieve the Academy target attendance of 97%.

We will:

  • Regularly monitor attendance and contact you about concerns.
  • Provide targeted support through the year leader system to work with parents and students to improve attendance; particularly when medical reasons make attendance difficult.
  • Refer students for whom we have concerns to our Family Liaison Officers and other agencies.
  • Work with other agencies to support students to improve their attendance such as the Pupil Entitlement Team.
  • Not authorise any requests for holidays unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • Reward good attendance throughout the year via the school rewards system.
  • Reward those students who achieve the Academy target attendance of 97% with an opportunity to go on a school trip.

Parents/carers have a legal responsibility to ensure regular and punctual attendance. It is the responsibility of parents/carers:

  • To inform Student Services before 9.15am of any absences and return children to school as soon as possible following an absence.  Should your child improve during the day, please send them into school.
  • To communicate with your child’s Year Leader daily before 9.15am throughout a period of absence if it lasts for more than one day.
  • Not to book holidays during term time.
  • Where possible try to make all medical and dental appointments out of school time. If this is unavoidable please notify your child's Chapter Office of the absence and ensure that your child attends school before and after the appointment.  We will only authorise the time of travel and the appointment time, not an entire school day.
  • Do not take children out of school for shopping trips or other family events such as birthdays.
  • Encourage your child to strive for the 97% target attendance this year.
  • Encourage your child to be resilient and not to allow them to take time off school for minor ailments such as headaches, stomach aches, period pain, tiredness or minor injuries.  We are preparing your child for future employment so it is important that we teach our students the expectations of employers with regard to attendance.
  • If you are unsure whether your child is well enough to attend, please contact your child's Year Leader who can advise you further.