Student Voice

Chapter Voice is the voice of the student body, consisting of tutor representatives from each and every tutor group in the Academy. Chapter Voice meets throughout the year to discuss concerns, ideas and information relevant to their tutor group and Chapter. The information from Chapter Voice feeds into Student Parliament which will take on the role of the Student Leadership Team within the Academy. Student Voice is an important role and should be taken seriously by any student involved. Students do not have to be the loudest or perceived as the most popular to become part of Chapter Voice, however, they must be willing to share their own and others’ views in an appropriate manner.

Reps are elected by their tutor group to represent those people who elected them. They act as a link between their tutor group and other groups – Chapter Voice and Student Parliament.

Student Parliament is the arena where key members of the student body meet once every half term to discuss key issues relating to the Academy and student body. The Student Parliament consists of the Head Boy/Head Girl, Senior Prefects and one Tutor Representative from each Year Group, in each Chapter. The Head Boy/Girl will set the agenda for each meeting and help to implement change through collaboration with all stake holders within the Academy and local community. The role of the Parliament is to listen to its student body and discuss ways to improve the Academy from the student point of view. The team works closely with the Academy Senior Leadership Team to help bring about change and support the voice of the students.