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Kings Priory School 01 Character and Aspiration Day – 24 January 2019 On Thursday 24 January, students took part in a day of activities focusing on a range of themes

24th January, 2019

Character and Aspiration Day – 24 January 2019

On Thursday 24 January, students took part in a day of activities focusing on a range of themes including leadership, sport and culture. Students in Year 11 took inspiration from The Apprentice and Dragons’ Den, working in teams to create new brands and products which were pitched to a team of ‘dragons’ including Principal, Morgan Thomas. Students in Year 8 were transformed into Maori warriors for the day, exploring Maori culture and art, whilst outside of the classroom students in Year 7 braved the winter weather to participate in a range of alternative sporting events. Year 10 students honed their engineering skills and worked collaboratively to design load-bearing bridges. Year 9 students worked on internet safety and the Sixth Form were put through a series of ‘Krypton Factor’ challenges.

These days are a fantastic opportunity for our students to experience a broader curriculum and work more closely with their peers and teachers.


Kings Priory School 02 Bicycle boost for two schools in community initiative Five TLA students receive bicycles donated by Jackson Civil Engineering.

15th October, 2018

Bicycle boost for two schools in community initiative

TLA is one of two local schools who have benefited from the donation of bicycles, given to the community by Jackson Civil Engineering, following completion of the Bognor Regis to Littlehampton pedestrian/cycle path. The 4.5km-long shared path opened in August, providing a direct, sustainable transport link between the two towns.

Five bicycles were given to children at Bishop Tufnell CofE Primary School in Bognor Regis to use for their Bikeability course (formerly known as Cycling Proficiency). The other five bicycles were given to TLA students nominated by their year teams.

Richard Killean, Jackson’s Contracts Manager, said: “It is with great pleasure that we donate these bikes to promote the use of the new cycleway and encourage the younger travelling public to choose a healthier form of transportation. We recognise the disruption construction work can cause, so we’d like to thank the local community for their patience whilst this project was being built.”

Roger Elkins, County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Infrastructure, said: “We’re grateful for this generous gesture by Jackson. It’s great to see a contractor getting involved in the community and underlining some of our own key messages, with safety at the forefront and a welcome boost for our successful Bikeability scheme, too.”

The bikes were presented to TLA students on Friday by representatives from Jackson Civil Engineering.

Kings Priory School 03 Summer Creative Arts Evening A fantastic evening

3rd July, 2018

Summer Creative Arts Evening

Students from all years took part in this musical evening showcasing their excellent talents.  Exceptional artwork and textiles were also on display.

Kings Priory School 04 STEM Rocket Car National Finals June 2018 Another win for the Year 7 team!

28th June, 2018

STEM Rocket Car National Finals June 2018

A team of three Year 7 students took part in the National Finals of the Race for the Line STEM Rocket Car Competition on Thursday 28 June at RAF Wittering, Peterborough.  The competition involved 17,000 teams from start to finish from across the country.  The TLA team already won the regional final before going on to compete against 57 other regional finalists from across the country.

On the day the team had one hour to build their Rocket Car from their design plans before racing down the 20 metre track, aiming to achieve the fastest possible speed through the timing gates.  The TLA team won the final with a speed of 66 mph in less than one second!  This is a massive achievement and we are hugely proud of them.

The Countess of Wessex presented the prizes at the end of the day.

Kings Priory School 05 Year 10 Work Experience Year 10 students excelled in the workplace

26th March, 2018

Year 10 Work Experience

Year 10 students took part in work experience and were a credit to the academy.  Our thanks to the many companies who supported us by taking a student for the week.  Please see our facebook page for more photos

Kings Priory School 06 Dance Evening March 2018 A brilliant evening of talent

14th March, 2018

Dance Evening March 2018

Years 7-11 students performed brilliantly in the annual evening of dance with professionalism and enthusiasm.  Well done!

Kings Priory School 07 Year 9 Future Pathways Year 9 students spoke with staff

8th February, 2018

Year 9 Future Pathways

A busy evening with Year 9 students and parents/carers talking with staff about Future Pathways.

Kings Priory School 08 Year 9 and 10 students at Chichester College Students were able to take part in workshops

17th January, 2018

Year 9 and 10 students at Chichester College

Students from years 9 and 10 were able to take part in Hair & Beauty or Travel & Tourism workshops at Chichester College.  They had a very informative day and enjoyed it immensely.

Kings Priory School 9 Carol Concert 2017 An amazing evening

20th December, 2017

Carol Concert 2017

An amazing carol concert with our talented students and staff celebrating Christmas, reflecting on homelessness and being challenged to bring joy at this time of year.

Kings Priory School 10 Activity Day 1 Students enjoyed the day off timetable

15th November, 2017

Activity Day 1

Students worked with Young Enterprise today, each tutor group formed a company and produced a product during the day.  They also competed in a Chapter Challenge.  The overall winner was Roddick Chapter with tutor group 11R3 taking top prize.  Other chapter winners were 8S2, 11M2 and 10T3.  Students were brilliant and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Kings Priory School 11 Open Evening 2017 A very busy evening with many Year 6 students taking a look at our wonderful facilities

28th September, 2017

Open Evening 2017

TLA welcomed many Year 6 students with their parent/carer to view our various subject areas.  PE held a trampoline session in the atrium which was very well received with lots of students trying it out.  A very busy evening for all.

Kings Priory School 12 GCSE Results 2016-17 Students from The Littlehampton Academy are celebrating some excellent exam results this morning.

24th August, 2017

GCSE Results 2016-17

Students from The Littlehampton Academy are celebrating some excellent exam results this morning.  

70% of pupils entered achieved a standard pass or better in English, and 60% achieved a standard pass in maths.  A standard pass, Grade 4, is broadly similar to the old grade C.  47% of pupils entered achieved a ‘strong’ pass or better in English.  


Principal Morgan Thomas said:

“We are extremely pleased with how our students have performed - especially given that these are the new, tougher GCSEs and this is the first time that they have been sat.  Students, parents and staff have come together well to face the challenges of a new exam system and we are very proud of the achievements of our young people.”  

This is the first year that the new GCSE grades will be issued in English and maths, with 9-1 replacing A*-G for those two subjects.  Other subjects will still be graded under the A*-G system this year.  


Individual success stories include Angelina Ainslie and Oakley Evans, who both achieved a grade 9 in maths and English. This is a fantastic achievement and something which relatively few students in England will manage this year.*  Angelina also achieved a grade 8, four A*s and and two grade As. Kelly Jones achieved six A*s, one grade 9, and two grade 8s.  


Director of Learning for Key Stage 4, Katie Ridgway said:

“We have worked hard to ensure that our Year 11 students were well equipped to succeed in these new and more rigorous exams.  The results that we celebrate today are testament to how well our students have done and we look forward to welcoming them into our successful Sixth Form in a few weeks’ time.”


Kings Priory School 13 TLA Sixth Form - Results The A level pass rate this year was again 100% at TLA, with nearly a quarter of these grades being A* or A - a 5% improv...

17th August, 2017

TLA Sixth Form - Results

Two TLA students are off to Oxford University this September following their outstanding success at A level.  Frank Nightingale, who achieved three A* grades and two A grades, will be studying Chemistry at Merton College, Oxford University.  Will Lloyd, who achieved two A* grades and an A, will be studying History and Politics and St Catherine's College, Oxford.  

The A level pass rate this year was again 100% at TLA, with nearly a quarter of these grades being A* or A - a 5% improvement on last year’s results.  42% of the grades awarded were A*-B - a superb achievement.

Principal, Morgan Thomas, said:

“Our sixth form students have worked extremely hard this year and these efforts have been rewarded by a great set of results.  The proportion of students achieving top grades has increased and I would like to thank students, parents and staff for their tremendous efforts in making this happen.”

Director of Learning for Key Stage 5, Matt Sealby said:

“This clearly shows that the TLA Sixth Form is an excellent place to study where hard work and determination will be rewarded. We are absolutely thrilled that two of our students are off to Oxford this year.  Our students are now well equipped for higher education and employment and we wish them every success in their future careers.”


Kings Priory School 14 Year 11 Prom 2017 A great evening to celebrate end of Year 11 by students

3rd July, 2017

Year 11 Prom 2017

Year 11 students spent a brilliant evening celebrating the end of Year 11 by meeting at the academy to board vintage open top buses and then celebrate at Fontwell Park Racecourse.  The evening was a great success.  Photos can be viewed at

Kings Priory School 15 Academy Awards June 2017 A wonderful evening celebrating the great achievements of students at TLA.

22nd June, 2017

Academy Awards June 2017

Many parents/carers joined staff and students to celebrate Inspire Growth and Reap Success awards among many others.  It was a brilliant evening with performances by gymnasts and dancers.

Kings Priory School 16 Prayer Week 2017 What a great week for students from across the years to take time out to reflect in the prayer space all this week.

28th April, 2017

Prayer Week 2017

With lots of creative spaces looking at issues such as worry, self-esteem, forgiveness and saying sorry it's been a time of thinking of others as well as ourselves. One student said “it is so peaceful in the prayer space and you can let go of so much stuff that's on your mind”. It's our seventh year of making time to pause. Our Community and Pastoral Leader, Paul Sanderson said “it's such a privilege to see the students slow down, think of others and find some stillness in this crazy world we live".


Kings Priory School 17 Scott Centre Charity Scott Centre students raised money for Canine Partners

27th April, 2017

Scott Centre Charity

A group of Scott Centre students raised £60 for Canine Partners after hosting an after school event for parents where they served drinks, cakes and also made up three hampers for a prize raffle.

The students are currently planning a sponsored walk to fundraise more for Canine Partners. They aim to walk 10 miles together with all of the centre staff in June.

Kings Priory School 18 Learning Performance Students from Years 7, 8 and 9 took part in interactive and motivational workshops with a Learning Performance facilitat...

24th April, 2017

Learning Performance

This week our Most Able Key Stage 3 students from Years 7, 8 and 9 took part in interactive and motivational workshops with a Learning Performance facilitator that stretched their capacity to think more deeply, showed them how to revise more effectively and gave advice on how to prepare for exams.  They enjoyed learning creative techniques designed to develop their memory and recall skills, as well as encouraging their use of problem-solving strategies, such as deduction and inference. The Most Able students are selected as part of the Academy’s own identification of the top 10% of highest attainers in their year group. This is based on their Key Stage 2 prior attainment English and Maths test scores.

Kings Priory School 19 Science Olympics Science Department have organised a variety of events some competitive and some not!

15th March, 2017

Science Olympics

The Science Department have organised a great event with five competitive Olympic events: the organ relay, electric circuits, cycle challenge, cup towers and big science quiz.  There are lots of other events for students and parents/carers to try including the Army challenge, egg drop parachute, water bucket and finally the big bang demo.

Kings Priory School 20 Raising Boys' Achievement An interested workshop giving hints and tips on raising boys' achievement.

13th March, 2017

Raising Boys' Achievement

Yesterday we welcomed Gary Wilson to the Academy to run a workshop for parents. The event was well attended and parents gained lots of practical tips and strategies on how to best support their son at home with their learning.

Kings Priory School 21 Activity Day - Careers and Enterprise All students were off timetable and took part in workshops, trips, boot camp and lots more!

9th March, 2017

Activity Day - Careers and Enterprise

Activity day was very busy with many employers coming along to support our students, many thanks to those employers.  Students took part in a variety of workshops and a great day was had by all.

Kings Priory School 22 Year 10 Work Experience Week The majority of Year 10 students took part in work experience during 13-17 February

17th February, 2017

Year 10 Work Experience Week

The majority of our Year 10 students were able to take part in work experience and enjoyed working life for a week.  Our thanks go to the many employers who gave up their time to give our students a great but eye opening time.  Please see our Facebook page for more pictures The Littlehampton Academy - official

Kings Priory School 23 Academy Assemby 23 January The whole academy were reminded of Holocaust Memorial Day and persecution in other countries.

23rd January, 2017

Academy Assemby 23 January

This Friday, 27 January is Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD). HMD is the day each year when we remember the six million Jewish people systematically persecuted and murdered by the Nazis and those who collaborated with the Nazis during the Holocaust. HMD is when we remember Roma and Sinti people, disabled people, gay people, political opponents and many others who faced persecution and death at the hands of the Nazis. HMD is when we remember the millions of men, women and children, who have been murdered since in genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. Genocide is when a group of people are targeted for destruction just because of who they are, such as their race or their religion. Genocide does not happen out of the blue, it is the result of prejudice and persecution which sees a group progressively treated differently to the rest of society. On HMD, we are reminded of what can happen when prejudice and persecution are left unchallenged, and of our responsibilities to stand against these processes when we see them in our own communities. The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2017 is - How can life go on? This theme asks us all to think about how people who have experienced the horror of genocide can start to rebuild their lives. How communities and countries can heal after genocide and what role we in the UK have towards individuals, communities and nations who have survived genocide. HMD is not only about commemorating past genocides and honouring those who died, but about standing with those who survive. What prejudice and persecution do we need to challenge? What hope can we bring?

Kings Priory School 24 Carol Concert A festive evening at The Littlehampton Academy!

14th December, 2016

Carol Concert

A wonderful evening was spent listening to carols, readings and watching students dance to celebrate Christmas.

Kings Priory School 25 Remembrance Assembly The Academy welcomed war veteran Michael McCarthy who told of his war experiences

11th November, 2016

Remembrance Assembly

All staff and students joined together at 11.00 am on 11 day of 11 month to join the rest of the country to remember.  TLA were honoured to be joined by veteran Michael McCarthy

Kings Priory School 26 Year 9 Campus Tour of Sussex University Year 9 students were given a tour of Sussex University Campus

10th November, 2016

Year 9 Campus Tour of Sussex University

Year 9 students were given a tour of Sussex University Campus by university students who are also ambassadors.  TLA students were given a taster session on American Studies by one of the ambassadors which they found really interesting.  Students were also given information about the financial side of being at university.  A very informative day enjoyed by all!

Kings Priory School 27 Business Breakfast The first Business Breakfast held at TLA was a resounding success and well supported by local businesses

10th November, 2016

Business Breakfast

TLA hosted a Business Breakfast for local companies which was very well supported.  Guest speakers were from Chichester University, Northbrook College and TLA.  Students spoke about foreign trips and their impact and also the recent success of the STEM team.  We look forward to hosting another breakfast meeting.

Kings Priory School 28 TLA Stem team win at National Level TLA team beat intern teams and Scottish winners to become international winners.

2nd November, 2016

TLA Stem team win at National Level

Having won the England, Wales and Northern Ireland national final of the Bloodhound Microbit STEM rocket car challenge at the end of last year, today the team went up to Excel London to attend the Microsoft Future Decoded conference to take on the winning Scottish team along with two Microsoft graduate intern teams.  I am pleased to report that once again our team performed amazingly both whilst competing and in attending the conference  sharing their work and articulating their ideas brilliantly. It was an amazing event to be invited to showcasing their work to many senior executives of technology companies from around the world including the CEO of Microsoft who spent time speaking to them personally. To top it all the team once again came out victorious beating both the intern teams and the Scottish National winners  team to take the International crown.  Well done to our students!

Kings Priory School 29 Year 7 Streetwise Performance Year 7 students watched a performance by Performance in Educations - Sussex Safer Roads

13th October, 2016

Year 7 Streetwise Performance

Year 7 students watched a performance 'Streetwise' giving them the opportunity to explore risk, responsibility and consequences as a pedestrian.  This enables them to make informed decisions, manage their personal safety and understand how their behaviour affects those around them. 

Kings Priory School 30 Open Evening TLA welcomed prospective students with their parents/carers to take a look at our fabulous facilities

30th September, 2016

Open Evening

Prospective parents/carers and students were welcomed to TLA with the Steel Band playing.  After a welcoming speech by the Principal, Mr Thomas, visitors were able to look around in all parts of the Academy to see subject areas for themselves.  It was a very busy evening with a terrific atmosphere.

Kings Priory School 31 European Language Day Students enjoyed trying different activities

26th September, 2016

European Language Day

Year 7 students joined together in the Main Hall to celebrate European Language Day by sampling a variety of  activities.  They were able to taste different foods, learn a dance, play basketball, take part in quizzes and lots more.

Kings Priory School 32 Into Year 11 Evening An information evening for students and parents

14th September, 2016

Into Year 11 Evening

 Year 11 students and parents/carers attended an information evening.  A booklet was given showing websites for revision and tips a copy of which can be found on our website under Letters Home.  Sixth Form representatives were also present to advise on future paths.

Kings Priory School 33 GCSE Results 2016 Congratulations to our students on their results!

25th August, 2016

GCSE Results 2016

The Littlehampton Academy is celebrating GCSE results that show strong improvements in the achievements of its students.  This welcome news comes on top of the removal of special measures in April 2016. 

This year, 49% of students entered gained five GCSEs at A*-C including English and Maths, up from 45% last year and are our best results for four years.  66% of students entered gained an A*-C in English (62% last year) and 68% in Maths, a huge improvement on last year’s 55%.  The proportion of pupils achieving a C or above in both English and Maths was 54% - up from 44% last year. 

The performance of disadvantaged students has improved significantly: last year 14% of disadvantaged students achieved a grade C or above in English and Maths; this year that number has doubled to 30% - a fantastic achievement. 

Some particular success stories are:

  • Abigail Race – achieved 6 grade A*s and 4 As which mean she achieved 100% A*-A grades.
  • Chloe Capelin – achieved 6 A*s and 4 As also 100% A*-A.
  • Calum Yardley – achieved 3 grade A*s, 5 grade As, and 1 B
  • Matthew Hubbard – achieved 5 grade A*s, 4 As, and 1 B
  • Kaiylan Haines – achieved 3 grades at A* and 6 at grade A

Principal, Morgan Thomas, said: “Four months ago, the academy came out of special measures and now our exam results are the best we’ve had for years.  This is the result of a great deal of hard work by staff, students and parents and shows how much this community can achieve when we all pull together.  It is fantastic to see so many of our students enjoying their hard-earned success and we are very proud of them. 

The performance of disadvantaged students has rightly been highlighted as an area that the school needs to focus on and these results show that we are making very good progress here. 

We will now be focusing on other steps that we can take to improve the academy even further.  I will be inviting all parents to come into the school in the new academic year to hear more about our successes and how we plan to move the academy forward in 2016-17.”  

Kings Priory School 34 A2/AS Results August 2016 Congratulations to our Sixth Form students on their results this year!

18th August, 2016

A2/AS Results August 2016

At A2 (Year 13 final year of Sixth Form) the proportion of students achieving A*-B this year is 40%, an improvement of 4% from last year’s already strong results.  The overall pass rate for students entered is 100%, an excellent result.  This success was also repeated in the vocational BTEC courses, with sixteen students gaining the coveted ‘Distinction starred’ grade (D*). 

Some particular success stories are:

  • Rosie Reader who gained 4 A*s and one grade A at A Level; she will taking up a place to study Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College, London.
  • Isabelle Munro who gained 3A*s and one A grade, including her Extended Project Qualification.  Isabelle is off to read medicine at University College, London. 
  • Alicia Jolly, Lucy Hubbard, Jack Piper and Callum Tucker all achieved 2A*s and one A grade

At AS (Year 12, first year of Sixth Form), results are also improving at TLA: this year 34% of students achieved the top grades of A-B, a 5% improvement on last year. 

Some success stories from Year 12 (AS results) are:

  • Frank Nightingale who achieved 5 grade A.
  • Will Lloyd who achieved three grade A.
  • Emily Hughes achieved three grade A and a B.
  • Lucy Hellen who achieved three grade A and a C.

“Our Sixth Form is already strong and these latest results show that we continue to improve.  We are extremely proud of our students who have worked very hard this year and they are now being rewarded for their efforts.  I would like to thank our staff and parents for the huge amount of hard work that has made this possible.” Morgan Thomas, Principal

“We are delighted with these excellent results which reflect the hard work and commitment that our students, ably supported by their teachers and parents, have put into their studies.  We are so pleased that they are now able to go on to their chosen careers or university courses.” Kate Claydon, Assistant Principal, Director of Learning KS5

Kings Priory School 35 Academy Assembly July 2016 A wonderful assembly to end the Summer Term!

20th July, 2016

Academy Assembly July 2016

The whole Academy came together to celebrate the end of this academic year.  Staff (nominated by students) and students received Life to the Full Awards (Respect, Aspire, Explore and Persevere). Students from the Rain Garden team and STEM team who raced at Santa Pod were given certificates.  PE also gave out awards.  Everyone was also entertained by the TLA choir, singers, dancers and the staff flash mob.

Kings Priory School 36 Summer Evening of Creative Arts A wonderful evening showing the huge amount of talented students at the Academy

19th July, 2016

Summer Evening of Creative Arts

A full audience experienced a great evening of talent.  Students performed dance and drama pieces; the choir performed; solo performances from students and staff; artwork was exhibited.  A wonderful way to finish the Summer Term.

Kings Priory School 37 National Finalists - Santa Pod Raceway Year 8 and 9 students formed two teams and came first and second in the national final

5th July, 2016

National Finalists - Santa Pod Raceway

TLA students beat thousands of others to win national Land Speed Record Rocket Car Challenge

Seven Year 8 and 9 students from TLA were amongst the many thousands of students across the country who took part in the Bloodhound model rocket car challenge. The goal was simple, using the foam block and wheels provided, design and make the fastest possible vehicle to race down a 20m track in order to gain a place in the National finals to be held at Santapod Raceway in July. To qualify the teams from TLA attended Goodwood Festival of Speed to race their rocket propelled vehicles down a 50m track in order to achieve a time fast enough to gain one of the top 30 places in the national final. We were delighted when two of the TLA vehicles successfully gained places in the final recording times of over 54mph in just 15 meters!

On finals day the teams were given one hour to build a new vehicle from scratch entirely unassisted by teachers using all their knowledge gained from building their initial vehicles. The race took the form of two runs down the drag strip at Santapod, the winners being the team that recorded the fastest combined time. At the end of the first round TLA teams successfully secured both first and second place out of a field of thirty vehicles an amazing achievement.

After watching an amazing launch of an unlimited class rocket car which achieved a speed of over 700mph all thirty teams were assembled for the prize giving. The winning team would be invited to Newquay for an unforgettable VIP day watching Bloodhound SSC land speed Record car test run before the car deploys to South Africa as well as £1,000 for their school.

What an amazing achievement, to gain first and second place in a national competition of this size.

Both teams put in a huge amount of time and effort researching, designing and developing their vehicles in order to get to this point. We are immensely proud of their creativity, perseverance and ultimately their achievement.  Team work and good humoured determination has been outstanding well done to each and every member of the team. Developing creative confident problem solvers that can deliver at the highest level is exactly what we are about within STEM and at TLA.  What’s our next challenge!

Kings Priory School 38 Year 11 Prom Year 11 students celebrated in style

1st July, 2016

Year 11 Prom

Year 11 students celebrated the end of their time in the main Academy at Fontwell Racecourse.  The evening was a great success with lots of dancing and catching up.  Official photos will be available to download from the following website from Monday at the latest, please keep checking to see availability

Kings Priory School 39 Year 11 Moving On Celebration Year 11 collected awards and celebrated the end of their time in the main Academy

23rd June, 2016

Year 11 Moving On Celebration

Year 11 students celebrated their time in the Academy in Years 7-11 at this event.  Certificates were awarded, year books and prom tickets collected. Our TLA choir started the evening and two dancers performed, well done!  At the end of the presentation parents/carers, staff and students joined together for drinks and snacks in the Atrium. We look forward to seeing them back in our Sixth Form in September.  More pictures on our facebook page

Kings Priory School 40 Duke of Edinburgh - Bronze Award Students took part in a weekend expedition.

2nd June, 2016

Duke of Edinburgh - Bronze Award

Congratulations to the 16 Bronze participants who all successfully passed their Bronze Expedition Assessment recently.

Kings Priory School 41 Digital Art Workshop A selection of our budding young digital artists and illustrators took part in a Digital Arts workshop recently.

20th May, 2016

Digital Art Workshop

A selection of our budding young digital artists and illustrators took part in a Digital Arts Workshop recently. The brief was set by the West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service Disaster co-ordinator, Martin Funnell. Students were asked to develop a range of characters, settings and scenarios for the Disaster teams “What if” campaign, aimed at raising awareness for both school age students and adults in the workplace and at home, of what to do in case of extreme conditions, floods or other major incidents. The designs produced by students will now be developed and used county wide, as well as potentially nationally as a part of the “What if” team awareness campaign.

We are very proud of the excellent work of our young artists!

Kings Priory School 42 Multi-Taster Day, Sussex University Students from Years 7 and 8 took part in three workshops during a very interactive visit to Sussex University

18th May, 2016

Multi-Taster Day, Sussex University

Students took part in three workshops, History, Informatics and Maths during their visit.  All three workshops were  interactive and gave new insights to the subjects.  Students had a really interesting day to prepare them for future visits.