Our Curriculum Intent

At The Littlehampton Academy we are committed to ambitious, broad, balanced and diverse curriculum. We believe that through great curriculum and teaching, we can inspire and empower our students to achieve academic excellence, and to take their place in the world as well-informed, aspirational global citizens.

Within each of our subject specialisms, our curriculum leaders carefully craft unique curricula, sequenced to allow students to build on prior knowledge and to appreciate the links between the knowledge and skills across the subjects and beyond.

Click below to see our subject curriculum overviews:
KS3 overview
KS4 overview
KS5 overview

Our curriculum ambition sits alongside our core values:

  • Respect for ourselves, others and our environment.
  • Exploring global perspectives, expanding their cultural capital .
  • Aspiring to academic excellence as part of a lifelong learning journey.
  • Perseverance in the face of challenge and adversity. 
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