Covid Testing Onsite

Dear Parent

As you may have seen, as per government guidance, on the return to school for the Spring Term, we will again be setting up a Covid testing site to allow us to carry out Covid tests in the first week of term as students return to the school.

The testing will be on the same basis as was carried out in March and September, and if you completed the consent forms for the testing carried out at that time, these are still valid and so you need take no further action, and we will carry out the tests as below.

If you have not completed a consent form previously, or if you are new to the school since the last round of testing, and would now like to give consent, the form can be found here. We would ask that, if possible, you complete this prior to the end of term to allow us to carry out the necessary work to allow testing at the start of next term.

For the Sixth Form we are asking that that the students register for themselves, so they will need to register for an NHS account, ahead of taking the tests, though many will have done so in September during the first round of tests. The registration can be carried out at this link, the additional details regarding barcodes will be completed on the day.

For the previous testing, we produced this video, featuring our chaplain Paul Sanderson, and this shows you how testing will take place at The Littlehampton Academy, though we will now be using the “Orient Gene” tests which only require a nasal swab, rather than the throat.

As before, these tests are voluntary and if you or your child does not want to take them, including consent being given but them choosing not to take part on the day, this will not be a barrier to them attending the academy.

The timings will be

Wednesday 5th January      Years 11,12 and 13

Thursday 6th January         Years 9 and 10

Friday 7th January             Years 7 and 8

This is of course in addition to asking you to continue to carry out regular testing at home over the holiday period. We will be sending test kits home as we have been, but if you need more they should be available from pharmacies and or via online ordering. Details of where these can be found are here.

Thank You

Ian Lineham


Director of Resources

The Littlehampton Academy

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