Every Woodard school has a chapel and ours is at the heart of the Academy.  In assembly and in religious studies everyone is welcome, everyone is included and everyone is respected.  The whole-Academy assembly each Monday launches a weekly theme and students from all faiths and none, together, explore spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues.


We are passionate for students to learn about charity, justice and peace.  Each Chapter provides opportunities for active citizenship by understanding about, and fundraising for a local charity.  Overseas volunteering enables students to see at first hand the difference that serving others can make. Through running activity weeks we work alongside local charities in countries such as, Thailand, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Romania and Sri Lanka.  Ongoing international opportunities to work with partner schools attract a lot of interest. The world is getting smaller and many at TLA are learning what a privilege it is to be a part of it. We also work closely with a Bible School in Denmark taking students from TLA as well as welcoming their students to work along side ours.

Getting involved locally has always been a core part of the work of the Chapel.  Every summer students give up time to help out at various groups and activities serving the community. Summer Camps, Play schemes and activity weeks across the south see TLA students volunteer and bring their skills and abilities to help children have a great summer.

Throughout the year we celebrate the main Christian festivals of Christmas and Easter with fun, creative and at times moving events. They bring staff and students together to dance, sing, act or play, showing off the great talent we have as well as putting our faith roots down deeper.  We also give students the opportunity to look at the world of prayer in greater detail with an annual TLA Prayer Week; working in partnership with local churches we aim to show that prayer can be creative, fun and make a difference.


Of course we have the chapel space that sits at the heart of the Academy. A colourful, creative and peaceful space that was designed by the young people and used by many.

Paul Sanderson, Pastoral and Community Leader, writes:  Our Chapel has been created as a place for students and staff to come and ‘be’.  There is a lot to do when we are working and learning and that is good but sometimes we just need to ‘be’.  Its part of us as human beings that sometimes gets forgotten.  So if you are suffering or celebrating, feeling great or in a state, come and make time to ‘be’ in the Chapel.

After school groups continue to flourish in the Chapel.  Our Pastoral and Community Leader runs ‘The Word’, a fun and creative look at the lives of various Bible characters.

It’s so exciting to be part of a buzzing community full of young people passionate to make a difference with their lives.  It’s a great privilege to work alongside, quality, caring staff who go the extra mile and more to give of their gifts to help grow this generation.

If the Pastoral and Community Leader can help you in any way don’t hesitate to get in touch.