Name Date File Size  
Academy Complaints Procedure 05th Jun 2018406 KB Download
Accessibility Plan 2015-18 03rd Oct 2017109 KB Download
Admissions Policy for September 2018 11th Jul 2017335 KB Download
Anti-bullying Policy 10th Nov 2017141 KB Download
Assessment, Marking & Feedback Policy 31st Oct 2017141 KB Download
Attendance & Punctuality Policy 24th Apr 2018128 KB Download
Behaviour Policy 19th Feb 2018830 KB Download
Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy 03rd Oct 2017255 KB Download
CIEAG Policy 09th Jul 2018105 KB Download
Conflicts of Interest & Disclosure Polic... 10th Mar 2016287 KB Download
Curriculum Policy 06th Feb 2018164 KB Download
Drug Education Policy 30th Nov 2017267 KB Download
Equality Policy 03rd Oct 2017103 KB Download
Offsite & Residential Activities Policy 10th Mar 201684 KB Download
Provider Access Policy 10th Jul 201896 KB Download
SEND Policy 05th Jun 2017139 KB Download
WAT Charging & Remissions Policy 17th Oct 201766 KB Download
WAT Freedom Of Information Policy 10th Mar 2016230 KB Download
WAT Health & Safety Policy 05th Jun 2018370 KB Download
WAT ICT & Acceptable Use Policy 10th Mar 20161 MB Download
WAT ICT & Acceptable Use Policy Summary 10th Mar 2016171 KB Download
WAT Whistle Blowing Policy 10th Mar 2016351 KB Download
Woodard Privacy Policy 23rd May 201833 KB Download