One of the advantages of being a big school is that we can offer an exciting, broad and innovative curriculum.  The range of qualifications is quite amazing and allows for individual interests, aspirations and aptitudes.  Students can follow both academic and vocational routes, tailored to their individual abilities.  Visits and residential courses add to the curriculum.  Several subjects have off-site coursework as part of their studies and others offer enhancement activities and outings.

Curriculum Plan There are a number of principles upon which our curriculum is built:

  • High challenge and high support: The curriculum is intended to provide both challenge, which is a precondition for learning to take place and the opportunity to enable students to receive the necessary support they require.  To this extent we look for opportunities for students to study Further Mathematics at GCSE where appropriate.  At the same time we provide small group tuition in Year 11 within the timetable and after school in English and Mathematics, where students need additional time to develop and consolidate their skills in these core subjects.
  • Individualised and personal to a student's needs, skills and aspirations: We believe that a curriculum should fit the needs of its students, not the other way round.  To this end we have devised our curriculum and our options to address individual students. Students try all Design Technology subjects on a carousel basis in Year 7 and Year 8, for example, and have a choice of the Expressive Arts subjects that they study in Year 9.  Some students may choose to gain additional qualifications - native speakers of Portuguese for example often practise, revise and take GCSE Portuguese in Key Stage 4 in addition to their other option choices.
  • Academic rigour and expectation:  We provide all students with a sound academic basis and expect all our students to be successful.  The Academy supports and encourages our students to meet and exceed the national expectation that a curriculum should provide for successful study of the core subjects, Humanities and Foreign Languages while retaining the breadth provided by the Expressive Arts and technical subjects.  We actively encourage our students to consider this balance carefully when making decisions about future study while bearing in mind their next steps into further education or careers.

The curriculum at The Littlehampton Academy is constantly reviewed and evaluated and we would welcome any comments or feedback from all our parents/carers to

Curriculum details can be found below:
At The Littlehampton Academy we ensure that all students follow a rigorous and challenging curriculum that is designed to prepare them for a fast changing and demanding world.  Our intention is that our students will follow a curriculum that enables them to excel, exceed what whey thought possible and explore the world around them.


Languages (Students study Spanish and French in the first half of Year 7, then select the one to focus on for the rest of Key Stage 3)
Design Technology (taught on a carousel including Food, Resistant Materials and Textiles)
Expressive Arts  (including Drama, Art and Music)
RE, Citizenship and PSHE

In Year 9 students complete Key Stage 3 and begin to prepare themselves for the study of GCSE subjects.

All students study: Students choose from:
Mathematics History
English Geography
Science French
PE (GCSE PE, BTEC Sport or Core PE) Spanish
  Food Technology
  Resistant Materials
  Religious Studies
  Fine Art or Graphics

In Year 10 and Year 11 students study mainly GCSE subjects.  Students begin GCSE subjects in Year 10 and complete them in Year 11.  All subjects are GCSE qualifications except Core PE and BTEC Sport.