All children and young people should have opportunities for a broad, suitably weighted range of experiences. The curriculum at TLA will be organised so that they will learn and develop through a variety of contexts within both the classroom and other aspects of school life.

Our curriculum will be holistic, coherent and provide pathways for progression from KS3 to KS5 and beyond. It will be student centred, accessible and inclusive.  It will serve as the bedrock of learning and will foster the development of appropriate academic skills at each level to allow students to leave the Academy as independent learners and thinkers. It will also embed the development of employability skills and be designed to equip students with the ability to relate the knowledge and skills that they have learned to real world contexts in which they may work in future.

Assessment should be designed to help students learn and to demonstrate that they have met the learning outcomes. The curriculum will be designed in conjunction with a learning and teaching strategy that harnesses the full potential of best practice in pedagogy.

The Year 10 option choices from this year will be guided and there will be three possible pathways. Pathway advice will be informed by individual student aspiration and individual student ‘flight paths’ based on tracking data and targets.