Equality Info

Single Equality Duty Equality Information (251 employees)

Gender: 67 male and 184 female

Ethnicity: 224 White British, 23 Other, 4 Not Stated

Disability: 43 employees have notified TLA of a disability

Equality Objectives (taken from the Academy Improvement Plan)

Monitor achievement of potentially vulnerable groups to ensure targets are met

  Ensure the timetable model and additional staffing are used to greatest effect from the very start of the year.

Revise subject overviews, chapter overviews and chapter reviews to focus more on student progress

Disability Equality Client group of students, staff and parents advise on access to information, the premises and the curriculum
Access to information and premises  Make reasonable adjustments to meet needs of individuals and in response to feedback
Access to the curriculum

Be proactive in ensuring staff use the information available in respect of individual behaviour & learning difficulties.

Ensure all teachers differentiate appropriately

Train staff to address the needs of students with ASC, especially with regard to behaviour management

       Updated Nov 2013