Trips & Visits

Educational Visits

The Littlehampton Academy recognises that young people get considerable benefit from taking part in educational trips and visits. Educational visits and residential trips within the UK and to other parts of the world are an important aspect of the curriculum.  Exposure to a variety of experiences outside the classroom is part of a holistic education because:

  • Educational visits give students the opportunities to develop a wide range of valuable personal and social skills
  • Trips can raise achievement by boosting self-esteem and motivation and developing key life and work skills.
  • The curriculum content of some subjects requires visits/field studies/recreational activities which take place off site.

For any trip involving students, safety is paramount and for this reason, meticulous planning and organisation are essential.  Our duty to safeguard and promote the welfare, health and safety of our students is our top priority.  Equally, we have high expectations for student conduct and expect excellent behaviour at all times.  This ensures that both students and staff may experience the best possible benefits from these types of activities whilst at the same time minimising risks to their health, safety and well-being.