Care, Guidance & Support

Success is achieved when students have the appropriate care, guidance and support that is well matched to their needs. We are a large Academy, but we pride ourselves on knowing each and every student as an individual.

At the heart of the care, guidance and support systems that we have in place are our tutors and the Chapter Teams to which they belong.  Tutors are the first point of contact for students and parents.  It is the tutor who, through their knowledge of individual students, will be able to guide and support students in both pastoral and academic matters.  They will also be the member of staff best placed to liaise with other staff and to follow up any general queries. 

Every student in Years 7-11 belongs to a Chapter: Teresa, Mandela, Shakespeare or Roddick.  Being part of a Chapter means that students can access care, guidance and support from a variety of staff: the Head of Chapter, Chapter Manager and Pastoral Assistants.  Sixth Form students benefit from their own support structure, with a dedicated Director of Post-16 Teaching, a Pastoral Manager and a Pastoral Assistant.  Further to this, we have a Chaplain, a Child and Family Support Worker, Careers Advice based within Chapters, a PCSO and excellent relationships with a wide range of agencies who work with the Academy to support students on a wide variety of specialist issues such as work, health, relationships and self-esteem. 

Our pastoral care begins before students enter Year 7 through our Primary Liaison programme.  Miss Chapman and Mr Robson (SENCo) co-ordinate a programme of transition activities aimed at ensuring a smooth move from primary to secondary school.  Many primary students will have already had contact with the Academy through a range of activities that are run throughout the year.

As an Academy, we believe that ensuring students feel safe and valued is the first, and most important step, in securing success for all.