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When your child arrives at The Littlehampton Academy, they will be enrolled in a Chapter, which is very much like a ‘school within a school’. This is a smaller learning community and is perhaps more easily understood as a ‘house’ system which will be your child’s home throughout their time at the Academy. Each Chapter has highly trained, committed and experienced pastoral staff who work to ensure that children are ‘known and nurtured’.

Chapter staff monitor attendance, behaviour, progress and achievement carefully to ensure the students within their community fulfil their academic potential and leave TLA with the best qualifications possible. 

Each Chapter has the following structure:

Assistant Principal/Head of Chapter
Chapter Manager
Pastoral Assistants
Chapter Administrator

Woodard Trust:  It is our mission to ensure that every young person feels valued, well cared for and safe. Chapters play a key role in developing the skills and personal qualities of every child, driving aspirations and ambition and embedding the culture and ethos of a Woodard academy. Each student’s Chapter experience helps to ensure the development of wider key skills, such as leadership, teamwork and problem solving, alongside a sense of self-worth, positive attitudes and behaviour, and a high degree of self-discipline.