Concerned about a child

Acting quickly can make all the difference!

If you think a child might be suffering neglect or abuse, it can be difficult to know what to do. But your action is vital in making sure that child gets the help they need.

If you want to speak to someone in the Academy, pleased don’t hesitate to make contact with:

  • your child’s chapter team (if you have a child who attends the Academy)
  • our Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mr Duncan Jack
  • our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Heather Ward

Alternatively, please visit our safeguarding page

If you're worried about a child and their safety, contact:

  • the Children's Safeguarding Unit: 0330 222 3339
  • West Sussex Children’s Access Point:  01403 229900 /

If you think the child is in immediate danger, you should call the police.

  • Police:  999 (emergencies) or 101 (non-emergencies)

If you need support, you may wish to call:

  • NSPCC 24 hour Hotline: 
  1. Help for adults concerned about a child:  0808 800 5000
  2. Help for children and young people: ChildLine 0800 1111