First Aid

If a student feels ill during a lesson and it is not appropriate to wait until break or lunch time to see the Lead First Aider (Mrs Chant), a teacher will give permission to attend the Medical Room where first aid can be given. If a student is too ill to stay at the Academy, parents/carers will be contacted to arrange for the student to be taken home. Students do not have permission to contact their parents/carers themselves if they are feeling unwell; the appropriate procedures, as outlined above, must be followed.  In addition, it is requested that parents/carers do not come into the Academy unless they have received a phone call from a member of staff, in line with Academy procedures. 

If a student sustains an injury, first aid may be given and an assessment made. We will inform parents/carers if further investigation by the GP is necessary or recommended.  In the event that a student suffers a significant accidental or non-accidental injury, we will always inform parents/carers, even if the student feels well enough to remain in the Academy.  On rare occasions, an accident or illness may require the attendance of emergency services.  In these circumstances, we make every effort to contact parents/carers as soon as possible after the emergency call has been made. If a parent/carer or emergency contact cannot be contacted immediately, a member of staff will accompany or follow the student to hospital and await the arrival of parents/carers.  It is essential that we have an accurate record of students’ emergency contact details, should we need to contact them.

Parents should always advise the academy when another adult is caring for their child including contact numbers etc.