Vivo rewards system           

We expect the very best of the TLA students and appreciate the importance of recognition and reward to build student confidence and aspiration. Following a successful trial last year the Vivo rewards system will be used throughout 2015-2016 to reward our students for their efforts and achievements at the Academy.

How does Vivo work?

All students receive a login to access their Vivo account either on a computer or mobile device. Using their account they can monitor their Vivo balance and access the Vivo shop to cash in their Vivos for rewards and incentives.

How can my child earn Vivos?

Students can earn Vivos for their attendance and punctuality. Each week they complete a full week they will earn 1 Vivo.

Vivos are also awarded by staff for student behaviours that embody the Academy ethos of Respect, Explore, Aspire, Persevere e.g. excellent effort, overcoming adversity or outstanding community commitment to an Academy club.

Vivos can also be earned by students for excellent homework and examples of numeracy and literacy across the curriculum.

How can I monitor my child’s rewards?

Parents/carers will be sent a login to their own Vivo account where they can monitor their child’s achievement as well as set them challenges and pledges for earning Vivos. This is a great chance to share in your child’s success.

What can my child use their Vivos for?

The Vivo shop has a variety of rewards and incentives on offer for students to exchange their Vivos for i.e. skip the lunch queue tokens, football and trampolining parties, vouchers, sessions in the games room, discounts for trips and much more.

If any parent/carer would like to get involved or support the Academy with the Vivo rewards system please contact Mr Noye, Assistant Principal on