Staff Contact List

Note: Tutor Group (TG) shown in brackets where applicable


Mr M Thomas


Ms B Greenhalgh

Vice Principal

Ms K Claydon

Assistant Principal

Mr D Jack

Assistant Principal

Ms K Portman

Assistant Principal

Ms J Ratcliffe

Assistant Principal

Mrs K Ridgway

Assistant Principal

Mrs R Toogood

Assistant Principal

Mr P Edgley

Director of Resources


Mr G Austin-Woodward

Director of Faculty

Mrs R Waite-Jones

Deputy Director [TG: 10T3]

Mr A Capuano

MFL Teacher [TG: 9S3]

Ms C Gowan

Music Teacher [TG: 8R3]

Ms C Griffiths

Food Tech Teacher [TG: 7M1]

Mr T Jordan

Media Teacher [TG: 9R3]

Ms N Kopmels

MFL Teacher [TG: 11S2]

Ms L Lyons

Music & Drama Teacher [TG: 8R2]

Ms N Mabile

MFL Teacher [TG: 9S2]

Mrs J Mistry

Art & Textiles Teacher [TG: SF5]

Ms J O’Connor

Art & Textiles Teacher [TG: SF7]

Ms J Owen

Food Tech Teacher [TG: 9R1]

Mr B Plessis

Media Teacher [TG: 7R1]

Ms K Portman

Media Teacher

Ms J Ratcliffe

Art & Textiles Teacher

Mrs L Sheldon

Art & Textiles Teacher

Ms N Toney

Art & Textiles Teacher [TG: 9T1]

Ms S Valverde

MFL Teacher [TG: 7S2]

Mrs N Winton

Art & Textiles Teacher [TG: 11T1]


Mr N Pollock

Director of Faculty

Mrs E Hopkins

Deputy Director [TG: 8S3]

Mrs J Caswell-Russell

English Teacher [TG: 11S3]

Ms K Chapman

English Teacher [TG: 10T1]

Ms K Claydon

English Teacher

Mrs N Jack

English Teacher

Mrs L Jones

English Teacher

Ms J Lockett

English Teacher [TG: 8T1]

Ms H Matthews

English Teacher [TG: 10R3]

Ms C Moloney

English Teacher [TG: 11S1]

Mrs H Ostler

English Teacher [TG: 10S1]

Mrs K Ridgway

English Teacher

Mr F Tandy

English Teacher [TG: 8S1]

Ms R Tingle

English Teacher [TG: 7R2]

Mrs R Toogood

English Teacher

Mr C Watson

English Teacher [TG: 10S2]


Mrs R McAuley

Director of Faculty

Mr A Lewis

Deputy Director [TG: SF3]

Mrs E Baguley

RS Teacher [TG: 11T1]

Ms A Carpenter

Psychology Teacher [TG:SF1]

Ms T Hopkins

Humanities Teacher [TG: 9R2]

Mrs L Hurst

Humanities Teacher [TG: 9R3]

Mr A Jewell

Geography Teacher [TG: 10R2]

Mr P Mantin

History Teacher

Mr N Pollard

History Teacher [TG: 8R1]

Mr S Smith

Geography Teacher [TG: 11T2]

Mrs S Stamp

RS Teacher [TG: 7T2]

Mr S Taylor

Sociology Teacher [TG: 11R1]

Mrs R Waite-Jones

Humanities Teacher [TG: 10T3]


Ms N Anssari

Director of Faculty

Ms R King

Deputy Director [TG: 11R3]

Mr G Barnes

Maths Teacher

Mr D Cove

Maths Teacher [TG: 7T3]

Mrs J Cutts

Maths Teacher [TG: 8S2]

Mr D Jack

Maths Teacher

Ms V Kimmerly

Maths Teacher [TG: 8T2]

Mr S Lockwood

Maths Teacher [TG: 7T1]

Ms H Munday

Maths Teacher [TG: 7S1]

Mr L Ransom

Maths Teacher [TG: 7M2]

Mr T M Siviter

Maths Teacher [TG: SF6]

Mr K Stone

Maths Teacher [TG: 10S3]

Ms E Wicks

Maths Teacher [TG: 10T2]


Dr N Taylor

Director of Faculty

Mrs S Comins

Deputy Director [TG: 10R1]

Ms S Abu

Science Teacher

Ms K Alexander

Science Teacher [TG: 8M1]

Mrs S Ali

Science Teacher

Ms S Campbell

Science Teacher [TG: 10M1]

Mr D Flowers

Science Teacher [TG: 10M3]

Ms K Haylett

Science Teacher [TG: 8M2]

Mrs M Hurley

Science Teacher [TG: 9M2]

Ms A Jimenez-Asensio

Science Teacher

Mr D Loader

Science Teacher [TG: 9M1]

Ms S Stringer

Science Teacher [TG: 11M3]

Mr C Sullivan

Science Teacher [TG: 11R2]


Ms S Wolfenden

Director of Faculty

Mr R Devo

Deputy Director [TG: 11T3]

Ms V Besley

PE Teacher [TG: 11M1]

Ms S Fell

Sports Coordinator

Mr D Flowers

DT Teacher [TG: 10M3]

Mr R Hanks

PE Teacher

Mrs S Hauxwell

PE Teacher [TG: 9M3]

Mr G Jones

PE Teacher [TG: 9T3]

Ms R Miller

ICT Teacher [TG: SF2]

Ms C O’Callaghan

DT Teacher [TG: 11M2]

Mr G Stepney

DT Teacher [TG: 10M2]

Ms K Whitcombe

PE Teacher

Mrs D Willcox

ICT Teacher [TG: SF4]


Mrs D Robinson

SSC Manager

Mrs T Harris

Deputy SSC Manager


Mr M Robson


Mrs L Hancock

Community Languages

Mrs C Swift

LS Teacher [TG: 9T2]

Ms H Ward

LS Teacher [TG: 9T2]



Mrs C Wayne


Mrs S Marshall


Mrs N Finneran-Arm


Mrs K Absalom

Sixth Form

Mr S Voice