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GCSE Results 2016-17

Students from The Littlehampton Academy are celebrating some excellent exam results this morning.  

70% of pupils entered achieved a standard pass or better in English, and 60% achieved a standard pass in maths.  A standard pass, Grade 4, is broadly similar to the old grade C.  47% of pupils entered achieved a ‘strong’ pass or better in English.  


Principal Morgan Thomas said:

“We are extremely pleased with how our students have performed - especially given that these are the new, tougher GCSEs and this is the first time that they have been sat.  Students, parents and staff have come together well to face the challenges of a new exam system and we are very proud of the achievements of our young people.”  

This is the first year that the new GCSE grades will be issued in English and maths, with 9-1 replacing A*-G for those two subjects.  Other subjects will still be graded under the A*-G system this year.  


Individual success stories include Angelina Ainslie and Oakley Evans, who both achieved a grade 9 in maths and English. This is a fantastic achievement and something which relatively few students in England will manage this year.*  Angelina also achieved a grade 8, four A*s and and two grade As. Kelly Jones achieved six A*s, one grade 9, and two grade 8s.  


Director of Learning for Key Stage 4, Katie Ridgway said:

“We have worked hard to ensure that our Year 11 students were well equipped to succeed in these new and more rigorous exams.  The results that we celebrate today are testament to how well our students have done and we look forward to welcoming them into our successful Sixth Form in a few weeks’ time.”


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