Vision, Values & Ethos

We use our mission statement ‘Inspire growth; Reap success’ and the acronym ‘REAP’ to help us develop the habits of successful learners; to inspire growth in all of our students and enable them to be successful.


Our vision is to be an academy that secures excellent outcomes and provides life-enhancing experiences for all students.

We use our community values of Respect, Explore, Aspire and Persevere to plan and deliver the realisation of that vision.


Our four community values are rooted in our Christian ethos and are central to everything we do:

Respect - showing an attitude of encouragement, support and care towards fellow students, staff and the local community.

Explore – demonstrating a willingness to try new things, asks questions and being prepared to step out of our comfort zone.

Aspire - wanting to improve, make things better and see things change.

Persevere - pushing through present challenges and difficulties and not giving up.


Inspire Growth; Reap Success

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