Accessing IT Resources

We have put together some information below that will hopefully resolve most issues with regards to accessing IT resources.

Academy email

To access your email you will need to log into the TLA Webmail. 

This can be accessed at or the link on the school website

With the email system, the most common issue we are seeing is where students are using the email address instead of the username when logging in.

Your username is your first initial followed by your surname and your intake year.


John Smith, Year 8 = jsmith19

Fred Smith, Year 10 = fsmith17

Your email address is

Username - InitialSurnameIntakeYear
Password - Same as you use to log onto school computers

When logging into the email system you will need to enter your username and not the email address.

Go4Schools Password Reset

If you are having difficulties accessing Go4Schools, then you can reset the password using the link on the following site

Enter your TLA email address and then go to your TLA email account.

To access the TLA email please go to the following url or follow the links on the TLA website
The username and password to access the email is the same as the one used to log onto the computers whilst in school.

Follow the instructions on the password reset email.

Google Classroom

To access google classroom, you will need to log in using the VLE
You can access the VLE by wither going to or the link on the school website.

Your username is your first initial followed by your surname and your intake year.


John Smith, Year 8 = jsmith19

Fred Smith, Year 10 = fsmith17

The password is case sensitive.

When you have logged in you will see the links at the top of the website for Google Drive and Google Classroom.

Redeeming your Edenred Voucher

Please follow the instructions to redeem the codes for a voucher.

You should order your supermarket eGift at home before going to the store. 

To select your supermarket eGift card, follow the steps below: 
1. Copy eCode from your email or text message 
2. Go to 
3. Enter the 16 digit eCode (you can enter more than one eCode if you have more than one to redeem) 
4. Select a supermarket
5. Enter the amount and add to basket 
6. Checkout and enter the email address you would like the eGift card sent to 
7. Your eGift card will be processed and sent (please allow up to 24 hours for it to be delivered to your inbox).


Teachstream can be accessed at the following address

The teacher should have shared a lesson code for the class in advance.
When you have clicked join lesson now, you will be asked to authenticate with an email address.  You must use your tla email account for this or it will not work.

You will then need to log into the tla email account to pick up the authentication code. This can be accessed at

Username - 
Password - the same as is used to log onto the computers at school.

After making a note of the code, go back to the teachstream website and enter this to access your lesson.

WiFi Router Issues

If you should have an issue with your supplied WiFi router then please follow the below to reset the device before contacting us.

Step 1 - Check the router is set up correctly (Huawei router)

1.    Gently remove the back cover
2.    Remove the battery and take a note of the SSID and the WiFi key on the label, you’ll need this to get online
3.    Replace the battery and replace the back cover
4.    Turn the router on, using the button on the top-left
5.    The lights will change colour while it is booting up, they’ll go from green to red and back to green – then the router is ready to use
6.    On your laptop or tablet, select the WiFi network – this is the SSID you noted earlier and click Connect
7.    Tick the box that says “Connect automatically” so that your device will always connect to the router when it is turned on
8.    Enter the WiFi Key you noted down earlier and click Next
9.    You should now be online.


Further Assistance

Should you require any further assistance please email us on

Please include the following details in your email

Name of Student

Year Group

Brief desciption of the problem.

Kind regards
Network services

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