Our Uniform Supplier Is: 

  • Felix, 37 Beach Road, Littlehampton BN17 5JA

Uniform Requirements 2021-22

Our uniform is designed to look smart and create a purposeful work ethic amongst all our students.  It provides a positive image within the community and encourages a sense of identity, pride and belonging.  Parents/carers are requested to support our partnership by ensuring their children follow all the uniform requirements detailed below and by labelling all items with their child's name.  By making our uniform requirements explicit we hope to convey our expectations clearly and look forward to the support of our students and their families.

Every student must wear:

  • a black blazer with the TLA logo
  • a TLA tie with the logo visible below the knot
  • a white shirt (long or short sleeved) tucked into trousers or a TLA skirt and with the top button done up
  • black, tailored trousers OR a black, tailored TLA skirt
  • plain black or white socks OR plain black or neutral-coloured tights.
  • plain black leather or similar school shoes. Although we are aware that some shoe retailers such as Clarks have brought out footwear which looks similar to a trainer/leather canvas shoe, these are not permitted at the academy. Shoes with flat or low heels (slip-ons, lace-ups or velcro-fastenings are permitted).  Students who arrive in incorrect footwear will be required to exchange it for a pair of academy plimsolls for the day.

During cold weather students may also wear:

  • a plain white t-shirt or vest under the shirt
  • plain black ankle boots with flat or low heels - these can be worn with trousers or skirts, but trousers must not be tucked into boots
  • any outdoor coat - no scarves or coats are to be worn indoors or during lessons
  • a plain black 'V' neck jumper

Items which are not permitted include:

  • fitted blouses with a revere collar
  • tight-fitting or skinny trousers; black jeans; leggings
  • skirts above the knee; tight-fitting skirts; skirts made from stretch fabric
  • patterned socks; socks in any colour other than black or white
  • patterned tights; tights in any colour other than black or neutral
  • canvas shoes, trainers; shoes with logos or patterns; shoes in any colour other than black; shoes with high heels; platforms or flip flops/sandals
  • t-shirts or vests in any colour other than white
  • trousers tucked into boots or socks
  • hoodies
  • sports jumpers and round neck jumpers

PE KIT (Boys and Girls)

Physical Education Kit


  • Littlehampton Academy sports t-shirt

  • Littlehampton Academy sports jumper

  • Plain black PE shorts (logos must be no bigger than thumb size). 

  • Long black football socks and white sports socks. 

  • Sports Trainers (Flat soled shoes such as Converse, Vans or plimsolls are not appropriate for PE due to health and safety).

  • Hair band for tying back long hair

Highly Recommended:

  • Shin pads

  • Gum shield

  • Moulded Football boots


  • Littlehampton Academy sports leggings

  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms (logos must be no bigger than thumb size)

  • Black long sleeve base layer

Please note – The Littlehampton Academy Sports and Technology Faculty is passionate about students enjoying Physical Education lessons. Throughout the year students will be expected to do PE outside and potentially in cold, wet and windy conditions. It is essential that students are dressed appropriately for these conditions. 


Students must change socks for PE lessons and should wear footwear appropriate for the activity they are doing (guidance on this is given by the PE teachers). We strongly advise that shin-pads are worn for Football and Hockey lessons and that mouth guards/gum shields are worn for Rugby and Hockey lessons.


If your child is unable to take part in PE for any reason, please ensure they come with a note and their PE kit so that they can still be actively involved in the lesson in an appropriate way. If your child forgets their PE kit our policy is that they must borrow kit which is provided by the school. 


All PE uniforms with the Littlehampton Academy logo can be purchased from Felix.


All students need a bag that is appropriate to hold the equipment needed for the day.


A plain black belt with no oversized buckles.

Further Information

Students who do not comply with uniform requirements will be sanctioned in line with the academy behaviour policy. If you are unsure about any item please contact your child's Year Leader for advice.


A wide variety of hairstyles is permissible, but they should be smart and appropriate for a school setting. Those styles deemed to be extreme or inappropriate are not permitted, on the grounds that they represent an unacceptable image of the school, for example skinhead, punk and Mohican. This also includes bleached hair, extremes in colour (or unnatural colour). Razor cuts or shaved heads involving lines, patterns or words are not acceptable. Hair should be kept clean and tidy and long hair should be tied back for all practical and sports activities for health and safety reasons.

This policy applies to all students in the school, from Year 7 to Year 11.

Students who choose to colour their hair or adopt extreme styles during the holidays should ensure that they leave plenty of time to grow the style and colouring out in time for the start of term.   


A watch and one stud earring in each earlobe may be worn. The stud must be smaller than a penny. Earlobe extenders, plugs or tubes are not allowed. Inappropriate jewellery/piercings will be confiscated by staff and put in a sealed envelope and sent to Reception. These can be collected by parents/guardians by appointment only. Please contact the academy office to arrange this.


Should be minimal and discrete. Nail varnish, false nails and false eyelashes are not permissible.


No facial piercings or tongue studs of any type are permitted, including plastic ones.

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