Free School Meals

If your child is entitled to free school meals their student account will be credited to the value of a free school meal  (£2.60) for each day. They simply swipe their card at the tills to claim their food. This means that no student will have to use a different system for free school meals and ensure that they do not feel singled out when using our catering facilities.

Additionally, the Academy also runs a breakfast club offering a variety of breakfast food and drink options. Children in receipt of free school meals receive an additional allowance of £1 per day for breakfast. If this allowance is not used for breakfast it cannot be carried forwards for lunch.

To find out whether you are eligible for free school meals please follow the link below.

Free School Meals

Further Information

For further information please contact your child's Year Leader.

The Littlehampton Academy receives additional funding from the government to support students in receipt of free school meals to ensure they receive the best possible education. We actively encourage parents who are eligible for free school meals to apply to ensure this funding is received by the Academy.


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