Ms B Greenhalgh


B Greenhalgh, BA (Hons), MA, GTP

Vice Principal

Ms Greenhalgh has a keen interest in the arts and studied Dance and Performing Arts at Middlesex University. She spent her early career in hospitality in Central London, before completing a Masters in Dance Studies, after which she completed the Graduate Teacher Programme at Portsmouth University. She taught at Northumberland Park in London for four years before moving to East Sussex to join William Parker Sports College, Hastings, where she undertook the role of Learning Leader. Before joining the Littlehampton Academy, Ms Greenhalgh spent five and a half years at Cavendish School as Assistant Headteacher, Inclusion. In September 2016 she took up the position of Vice Principal at The Littlehampton Academy.

Ms Greenhalgh continues to dance as a hobby, and has become a student again, mastering the art of Chi Gung. She likes to keep busy, and loves returning to her catering roots by cooking for relaxation. She loves to read for pleasure, enjoying a range of genres, and particularly enjoys books that help her develop both personally and professionally.




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