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Chap mainLife is very different in these crazy days of lock down but some truths still apply. Many are worried, many are lonely, and many are grieving loss.

The Chapel and Chaplain continue to listen, inspire and get involved. Using youtube, Facebook, Whatsapp and the good old phone we are keeping in touch, checking on people and families and “loving our neighbour”. If you need support practically, emotionally and spiritually then don't hold back, get in touch. Sometimes just sharing brings hope and help. Sometimes knowing that someone is there brings peace.


Support with food in partnership with Littlehampton Foodbank

If things are getting a bit difficult with money for food don't hesitate to contact Paul Sanderson our Chaplain as he is able to refer you or people you know to the food bank for a big box of food. Email Paul and tell him the name and address and numbers of people in the house and if any pets and food allergies. If your child is on free school meals we can also pop round once a week with a “School Closure Food Box” kindly donated by Morrisons Supermarket.

Go to FoodBank Application


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Online assemblies to get you talking

Our Chaplain has a public Facebook page called TLA Chaplain. Most weekdays he posts a short assembly about what's going on with thoughts, stories and questions. Why not sit down with your child and watch together.


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Prayer Space

Chap 3If you have any prayer requests for you, your family, or situations you are thinking about please send them to

Paul will write them up anonymously and place them on the altar for daily prayer.


Our emotional and physical wellbeing have never been more important than in these challenging days. There is lots of advice out there to stay as sane as possible and here is some words and ideas that I hope will help:

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe some more. Take time in your day, at any moment, to take ten deep even breaths. Carve out 5-10 minutes to meditate or practice mindfulness or contemplative prayer. Start here, now, wherever you are.

Ground yourself in the present moment. Focus your awareness on something real, enduring, or beautiful in your surroundings. Look up often. Discover the wonder and awe that is already here.

Acknowledge your fears, anxieties, concerns. Offer them up in prayer, if you pray. Write them in your journal. Share them with others. Feel what you feel, honour it, and know that it is not the final word.

Remember you are not alone. Ever. You are surrounded by care and support. Reach out.

Create and sustain a community. Show up for one another. Listen compassionately. Practice empathy. Even while avoiding “close physical contact,” message the people you care about. Stand with those most vulnerable and those who suffer the brunt of prejudice and fear. Check in on folks. Call your mother, father, guardian, mentor, little sibling, long lost friend.

Unplug. While staying aware of developments, do not let the Corona-chaos govern you, but forgive yourself when and if it does.

Practice kindness. There is a temptation in health scares to view others as potential threats. Remember we are in this together. While practicing health guidelines and appropriate caution, remember to engage one another. Smile when you can. Bring good deeds and good energy into our world.

Stay healthy through sleep, diet, exercise. See healing and wellness holistically – mind, body, and spirit.

Make art. Discover, imagine, engage your hopes and fears, the beauty and ugliness of our world. Write, paint, sing, dance, soar.

Practice gratitude. In the face of crises, make note of the things for which you are grateful: your breath, the particular shade of the sky at dusk – or dawn. The colour blue, the colour green, the gifts and strengths you have, other people in your life, the ability to laugh. A pet.

Connect with your spiritual, religious, humanist, cultural, or other communities. Find strength and solace and power in traditions, texts, rituals, practices, holy times and seasons.

Pray as you are able, silently, through song, in readings, through ancestors. Remember the long view of history, the rhythms and cycles of nature, the invisible threads that connect us all.

Practice hope. Trust in the future and our power to endure and persist, to live fully into the goodness that awaits.

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