Covid Related Absence

The Littlehampton Academy will ensure that…

  • at KS3, students are provided with lessons from the Oak National Academy. These lessons have been selected by our Directors of Faculty as they mirror the topics that will be covered in lessons. The overview for each year group can be found below, for  further guidance, please click is here.
  • at KS4 and KS5, all lessons are uploaded to Google Classroom once they have been taught. 
  • printed resources are provided for students who do not have access to a laptop/desktop computer or WiFi.
  • students with SEND are supported remotely by the SENDCO and team of LSAs.

Parents/carers will...

  • provide a conducive environment for your child to work in.
  • notify the academy if you do not have access to a laptop or desktop computer and WiFi in the home so that printed resources can be provided.

Students will...

  • follow their existing timetable for the day and complete lessons accordingly.
  • complete all work that is set:
    • at KS3, this can be emailed to the class teacher at the end of the self-isolation period;
    • at KS4/KS5, this will be submitted through google classroom to your class teacher.

Work for Year 7 students who are self-isolating

Work for Year 8 students who are self-isolating

Summer 2


Creative Arts




Sport & Technology

Year 8

English: Gothic Literature (Lessons 9-16)

Art:  Empowerment

History:WW1 Part 2

Week 1-3: Circles and composite shapes


Week 4-6: Volume and surface area of prisms

Magnetism and Electricity




Giving opinions about free time activities

(just lessons 7-14)


Devising from an image

Geography: Fieldwork & Map skills review

Healthy Futures:

Catering for Needs

French: Using different verb groups to talk about free time activities 

(just lessons 5-14)

Music: Songs for a better world

REP: Recap of Hinduism



PD:Global Citizenship


Work for Year 9 students who are self-isolating


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