KS4 Curriculum Overview

At Key Stage 4, we continue to broaden our students' horizons and appreciation of the subject disciplines through our extensive curriculum offer. Qualifications at KS4 include both GCSEs and BTEC certifications. and while we are committed to ambitious academy outcomes for all students, we see our curriculum as including but not limited to these qualifications. In addition to developing their knowledge, skills and academic abilities within the subjects, we also work with students to support them in developing as increasingly independent learners and prepare them for everyday life and lifelong learning. This includes fostering attitudes and dispositions to support personal development, active citizenship and employability, as well as the "soft skills" that students will bring to conversations about the subjects, current affairs, personal views and the great conversations of humankind. 

The National Curriculum at KS4

Compulsory Subjects (All pathways):

  • English Language

  • English Literature   

  • Mathematics & Computing          

  • Science                                      

  • Computing

  • Personal Development, Religious Education (RE) & Sex, Relationships Education (RSE)                          

  • Physical Education                                   

Ebacc Subjects  (Available on all pathways):

  • History

  • Geography                         

  • French

  • Spanish                                 

  • Computer Science

  • Triple Science (Biology; Chemistry; Physics)

Option Subjects (Available on all pathways):

  • Art (Fine Art; Graphics; Craft & Design)

  • Performing Arts (Dance; Drama)

  • Food and Nutrition

  • Design Technology

  • Health & Social Care

  • Digital Information Technology

  • Media Studies

  • Music

  • Music Technology

  • PE

  • Sport

  • Sociology

  • Religious Studies


Students in Year 10 and Year 11 are set by ability in maths and science. There is also a top set in English on each side of the year group. All other subjects are taught in mixed ability groups.

Year 10 Curriculum Overview 2021-22

Year 11 Curriculum Overview 2021-22

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