Key Stage 3

In Year 7 you will study drama skills and techniques such as body language, mime, still images and how characters are developed. Units include: Introduction to Drama, Pantomime, Musicals, "Stan the Man" & Page to stage. 

In Year 8 you will study movement techniques, use of script and how theatre has developed through time. Units include:  History of the Theatre, Improvisation, Technical theatre, Practitioner -Brecht, &  Into the woods. 

In Year 9 you will study physical theatre, how to respond to stimulus and learn the differences between acting on screen and on stage. Units include:

Book adaptations, Frantic Assembly, Creating a stimulus, Live theatre review, Acting for film and screen & disaster movie. 

Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4 the exam board is Pearson Edexcel. The Course is the BTEC Level 1/2 Tech Award in Performing Arts with DRAMA Focus.


The assessment structure is Controlled Assessments and Externally Set Brief.






Component 1

Exploring the Performing Arts

In this unit you will explore the work of drama practitioners in the context of their famous works. You will explore these both practically and in written form  

Internal written assignment 30%



Component 2

Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts

This unit looks at how well you perform in drama, including technical, physical and expressive skills. You will take part in workshops, complete written log books, audits and milestones. You need to do a two minute performance of professional repertoire which is recorded for the exam board.

Practical and written assignment 30%


Component 3

Responding to a Brief 

This is externally set from the exam board and is released at the end of January. In groups of 5-7, you have to respond to the brief and produce a 10-15 min performance to an audience. This is recorded and sent off to the exam board. You also have to complete three, one hour controlled assessments on the computer at different stages of the process - you can take a page of A4 notes into these controlled assessments.

15 minute practical performance, 3x 1 hour written components in exam conditions,  40%


Staff Contacts

NAME Role Email
Mr G Austin-Woodward Director of Faculty
Mrs S Bridle Assistant Director of Faculty
Ms S Collins Teacher
Mrs R Waite-Jones Teacher



Ks3 Drama club is on Tuesday in DM02, 3-4pm  all are welcome. 

Ks4 Drama enrichment and support with your GCSE is available regularly throughout the week by arrangement with Ms Hutchinson. 

Ks4 theatre visits.

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